Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back to School - Top Five Lunchboxes

Yes it is already that time - last minute panics over school uniform and whether it fits, the queues in the shoe shops. So I have been searching for the perfect lunchbox to return to school with. I have tried a number of lunchboxes for my two. The problem I have found is that you don't want something too heavy, or large that will stretch their arms - but you need to fit a decent lunch in there that will keep them going until home time. The other criteria in my search for perfection is something that isn't going to retain a months worth of lunch crumbs in the little corners where it starts to smell - despite being washed out every evening. So the search was on to find my two the perfect back to school lunchbox gift.

For those who like a traditional lunchbox a tin one is fantastic - easy to wash out and stops that lovely sandwich getting squashed on the way to school. If you don't want the same Charlie and Lola lunchbox as everyone else there is a full range of unique lunchbox tins at

If like many parents today you have concerns about the lead and PVC content of the high street lunchboxes then new on the market is the Easy Lunchbox Kit. Designed by a mum the set contains lunch boxes with 3 compartments so that you fit in sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. As well as being free from lead, PVC and phalates they are also dishwasher safe so easy to clean. You can also buy a Easy Lunch Bag to transport them in, for the full range of boxes and colours visit  or .

It has to be said though in my search for perfection I think I need a lunch bag that it is going to stand out a little more and add a bit of fun to lunch. I thought I had found the answer with Roomitup's Insulated lunchbags that come in a whole variety of patterns to suit every taste, available from However, I think it would be the same problem with cleaning that I have had before - so my search continued.

I then found for the fruit lover a great new lunchbox at - the fruit friendly lunchbox. This is specially shaped to protect the fruit from becoming bruised and also has enough room for sandwiches and two containers. To carry your new lunchbox you can buy the neoprene carrier which even tells you if your lunch is the right temperature.

However, the winner for me is the lunchbug available from . Like the Easy Lunchbox they are PVC free , as well as meeting the Oeko-tex 100 standard, and come in a range of fantastic designs, that will have everyone in the playground asking where you bought them. Large enough for your child's lunch but not too heavy that they will complain about carrying them. I have to say that the winning feature for me is that they can be washed in the machine - so no more smelly lunchbags and a great back to school gift, I just have to decided which design now.

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