Monday, 1 November 2010

Gifts for Children's Friends

Now that my daughters are both a little older (6 and 7) they like to buy their close friends a small Christmas gift. This is lovely, but finding something that is both a reasonable price and that isn't just going to get put in a cupboard, is often a difficult task. So I was delighted when my problem was solved by @snapdragonjane onTwitter. Yesterday Jane posted that Snapdragon's applique mirrors were selling well and were maybe being bought as children's gifts. So after a look on the website my girls had fun choosing which design they were going to get for each friend. I particularly like this spacehopper one, but unfortunately neither of them choose that one.
However, it maybe mirrors are not quite what you are looking for, so I have searched for some alternatives, that will be a hit but not cost too much.

These lovely fairtrade flower keyrings from Hatti Trading are ideal as just a little something for your child to give to their friends. They come in packs of five and so are also ideal for party bags.


For the boys there is this lovely eco-friendly dynamo powered torch. Available from ECOutlet, parents will love this as it requires no batteries, simply childpower, and children always love torches. ECOutlet also has pencil cases made from recycled car tyres which may also appeal to your child's friends.

On Misi I found this lovely bracelet by Trinkerbell. Made from polymer clay and nickle free spacers Trinkerbell makes a wide range of girls bracelets in some lovely colours. Each bracelet is sent out in a pink or lilac organza bag.


Made 4 Your Books is a seller on Folksy and sells fantastic bookmarks. There are ones suitable for both boys and girls, but I particularly like this football book mark.

Hopefully there is something that I have found which is suitable for your child's friends. However, if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

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