Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cufflinks with style

I realised the other day that my blog was becoming very female orientated, and that I haven't yet given much thought to the presents that men would like to receive. Then on Twitter someone was asking for anywhere that they could buy some unique cufflinks, so what better place to start.

Of course there are many cufflink styles and designs available, but I have tried to select those that are handmade and therefore not something you will find on the high street, to add a little extra style to those business shirts.

Funky Fused Glass have a fantastic range of cufflinks that look a little like sweets in a shop, you can even order a tie clip to match. In a wide range of colours and designs there is something to suit every taste. I particularly like the ones shown as they remind me of Dolly Mixtures.

In her Deptford studio Allison Wiffen creates these stunning ceramic cufflinks ranging from iconic London landmarks to graffiti and retro patterns. Allison also makes earrings, clocks, pendants and brooches all from the purest earthernware clay.

Working on sheet silver and copper with gold for detailing Becky Crow creates beautiful contemporary jewellery. These Two Tree cufflinks from her Copper Forest range are just lovely and would enhance any shirt.

On Folksy I found Off The Cuff who have a range of cufflinks from humorous through to the ones shown that are made from upcycled watch movements. You can also commission your own design from any photo or design that you choose, making the present truly unique.

Made from old typewriter keys these cufflinks from Sarah Rhodes Jewellery are that little bit different from the scrabble letter cufflinks that seem to be appearing everywhere. As well as punctuation marks you can also get letters to form initials.

So instead of just opting for a pair of high street cufflinks search out something different.

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