Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keyrings with charm

I have to admit that I am starting to think about Christmas shopping. I know it is only October, but I have a large family, and lots of gifts to find. One of the things that I always struggle to find are stocking fillers that aren't just going to be put in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. The other day when looking on the internet I found some lovely keyrings, and realised these would be an ideal stocking filler as they are always useful.

I love these handmade keyrings from Honeypips on Folksy. Each one is made from beautiful cotton fabrics which are hand cut, and then embroidered onto a hardwearing wool felt. As they are made individually each one is slightly different and unique.

This beautiful bird keyring is made in Finland from birch wood and is available from Hygge. There is also a bird brooch made from birch wood available.

If you are looking for something with more colour on Misi I found PebbleRox Jewellery. Based in Bristol they create wonderful pieces from a range of beads and charms including this lovely bag charm/keyring.

Based at the Craft and Design Centre in Manchester Suzanne of Suzanne Devine Designs uses mixed media to create her purses, bags and accessories. I particularly like these lovely leaf keyrings, which are available in a range of colours to match any bag or outfit.

I thought about including fingerprint keyrings but I think that their availablity is now so well known I looked for something a little different. I found The Little Glass Kiln who stock fused glass keyrings made in Yorkshire and designed by Victoria Berry. Victoria also designs and makes a range of keyrings from sycamore.


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  2. Absolutely adorable. I would like to share more of these cute keyrings, Find Out More.


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