Monday, 11 October 2010

Woolly Wonders

This week is National Wool Week so I thought I would get the week off to a great start by looking at the handmade woolly wonders that you can buy as gifts. Backed by John Lewis and Marks and Spencers Wool Week hopes to revive the love of wool as an eco-friendly and lasting alternative to other throw away fabrics. The week is being launched with an area of Savile Row being turfed so that a flock of sheep can graze.

This cushion available from Folksy and made by Tinyinc is a lovely example of how wool can be a warming and cosy addition to any lounge or sitting room. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with a good book and glass of wine if they had cushions as comfy as this to sit on?

Whilst looking for hand-knitted cushions I also found this beautiful throw. It would look fantastic on a bed or sofa, and is ideal for the autumn nights that are rapidly creeping up on us. Made in Wales and named Carreg this blanket is in a pattern inspired by the Ceredigions` glorious mountain landscape and is available from Jane Beck Welsh Blankets.

These beautiful handknitted handbags are produced in Warwickshire by The Toft Alpaca Shop. With their oversize, handturned button they make a real statement. Alternatively if you are feeling up to the challenge, you can always knit one yourself with the knitting kits that are available.

As someone who spends alot of time sat in front of a computer the next crocheted gift would be most welcome. Available from Lemonade and Lamingtons on Folksy is this wonderful mug cosy. There are a range of colours available and the flowers on some are detachable to be used as a brooch, so two great gifts in one.

Finally, I love this stylish knitted wrap from Ruth Cross. Hand knitted and available in a range of colours it would be the perfect way to keep warm on a winter day.

So take another look at wool and buy someone a gift that will last, or if you are feeling adventurous pick up those knitting needles and get knitting.


  1. What gorgeous woollies. I love the cushion and blanket. xx

  2. Ta for the plug of my mug cosy - *crocheted* though!!

    I did wonder why I was getting so many hits on them today! Thanks again!

    Lisa x

  3. oops thanks have now changed it to crocheted.



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