Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Eco-friendly shopping bags

How many times have you left the house to go shopping only to realise that you have left behind your bags for life? If you are anything like me you will have probably lost count. So I decided that the way to make me remember my eco-friendly shopping bags was to find ones that I wouldn't want to leave behind. Buying these bags as gifts is not only good for the planet, but they will be appreciated for their stunning designs.

This birdsong bag from Lush Designs is exactly the sort of bag I was searching for. Made of strong canvas it will hold all that shopping as well as standing out from the crowd with its fantastic design. Lush Designs are based in their studio in Deptford and create a range of fabulous designs on lampshades, aprons, cushions and many other household items.

The Vintage Fabric Market is a family owned business near Cambridge and they source vintage finds and sell them on or use the fabric to create beautiful new items such as this beige and burgandy shopping bag.

I have featured Kate Garey before in my blog on Cosmetic bags. However, I couldn't resist another mention for this fun Gingerbread Men bag.

Big Stitch are a new company set up by two mums in Weybridge. They embroider jute bags from your own design or your child's design to create your own unique shopping bag. The bags are available in two sizes are ideal for carrying bulky items - like new shoes.

If you want something more portable then these folding shoppers that I found on Folksy are perfect. Made by Love From Beth, they are ideal for keeping in your handbag until you need them, and would make an ideal gift.

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