Sunday, 3 October 2010

Storing Children's Artwork

As any parent knows when your child starts nursery or preschool you will be faced with an ever mounting pile of their artwork. I have to admit that I am a little sentimental over these pieces of paper and have kept almost everything that my daughter's have produced. However, I think it won't be long before I have to face up to not keeping everything, either that or we will have to extend our loft space! A similar problem is faced by one of my blog readers who has been looking for art storage, so I set about finding beautiful, but practical ways of storing those masterpieces.
Artful Kids is a website dedicated to showing off your children's artwork in beautiful ways, be they on canvas or framed. Artful Kids also sells via Not On The High Street, and produces these fantastic art portfolio posters that can display up to 27 pieces of your child's work.

At Cox and Cox you can buy this wonderful art storage frame that can store several pieces of artwork, that can be rotated to the front for display. This would make a lovely addition to any kitchen or playroom. You can also get a two frame version from Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous.
If you are just looking for storage rather than display then this accordian style portfolio from Bright Minds is ideal with 9 expandable pockets to hold paper and the front can be personalised.

Another great idea that I have seen is turning your child's art into a photo book. Many of the online digital photo printers such as Photobox can make up photo books from your scanned images and then you will have all the images in one place. They can also turn your child's art into a canvas or a collage.

Finally you can have your child's artwork turned into a 3D stuffed animal by stuffyourdoodle. Simply send your choosen piece of art to lucymoose and it is turned from a 2D image to a 3D object such as the ones shown. These are not intended to be toys, but will be great unique handmade keepsakes of your child's artwork.

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  1. I love the stuffyourdoodle animals - great idea! Meanwhile if anyone wants more ideas for storing, and displaying kid's artwork, my blog is dedicated to the subject.

    PS Thanks for the Artful Kids mention!


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