Monday, 25 October 2010

Feed the Birds

I was reminded at the weekend - by my Grandmother - that it is that time of year when the birds really need feeding. After all what else are Grandmothers for, if not to remind of things you would otherwise forget! Outside our front window is the ideal spot for feeding the birds, as they are then close enough for the girls to watch. However, I was not really inspired by the choice of bird feeders at the pet shop. I am sure that the birds don't care, but a bird feeder makes a great gift for a gardener or wildlife spotter, and it is nice to combine function and style.

One of my favourites is this stylish bird feeder made from semi-porcelain clay. Made by JML Pottery and avilable from Folksy it would look good in any garden, whether cottage style or modern.


Also from Folksy is this recycled bottle bird feeder, made by Mark and Helen at Green Bird Creations. You can also buy homes for beneficial insects, toad houses and bird boxes, to turn any garden into a wildlife haven.

These handblown glass bird feeders from the Eva Solo brand make a feature of any bird seed. Available from Snow Home they can be hung from a tree or stand.


If the person you are buying for is short of garden space then these recycled eco-friendly window mounted bird feeders from Hen and Hammock are ideal. They simply attach to the window using the four sucker pads and can be filled with seeds or scraps.

To hang these fantastic bird feeders from you don't have to resort to the standard metal stand, why not splash out and get one of these fab solid wood branch bird feeder stands. They look elegant and will hold a range of feeders. Available from Ecocentric, who also stock a range of bird feeders and boxes.

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