Friday, 10 September 2010

Can socks ever be a great gift?

I was sat thinking that my blog was missing something. It suddenly came to me that this was a blog about presents yet I had made no mention of the dreaded gift - socks.  When all else fails who among us hasn't turned to socks as a gift. However, I also thought there must be some more interesting socks out there that would be more appreciated.

From Wee Gooseberry I found this box of odd socks - perfect for houses like mine where you can only ever find odd socks anyway. These look like everyday black socks above the shoe but are a whole host of colours underneath.

If you would prefer the socks to be unique and handmade then these over the knee socks from Legyviel In Rivendell would be ideal.

However, after those two finds I came to the conclusion, that with a couple of exceptions such as these, socks are not a great present. I did though find some sock inspired presents that may be appreciated more.

These sock purses are great for small change and will make a lovely gift for any small girl that you know. Available in a variety of patterns and colours from United Oddsocks.

Then on Etsy I found some fantastic sock animals. On of my favourites is the pink octopus made by Two by Two, a group of mums who met through their antenatal class. There was also this colourful sock monkey by OddSox.

Finally I found the perfect sock present - for my house anyway. Available from Not On The High Street is the Sock Exchange. Great for holding on to odd socks until the pair turns up. Alternatively you could always start making your own sock animals!

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