Monday, 20 September 2010

Original Art for all

Art can enhance any home and makes a great gift. If you know someone who loves art and you would like to treat them to an original work of art, but can't afford to treat them to a Hockney or a Hirst, then help is at hand. There are many talented artists all over the country selling original works of art at a more affordable price, and you never know maybe you will have spotted the next Tracey Emin.

This watercolour is painted by Mimi who uses her local area in Cornwall as the inspiration for her paintings. This view of Porthleven would bring a holiday feel to any home.

View of Porthleven £40.00

On Etsy I found a huge range of art to suit every taste and every budget, but I particularly liked this painting by Kate Boyce who uses mixed media to create her beautiful works of art. Etsy is particularly good if you would like to buy a piece of art that is based on your local area, or a favourite holiday destination, as you can shop local.

There are also some fantastic gallery websites for example apob Contemporary Art Galleries that showcase the work of many artists, including this beautiful art by Gerry Cameron.

If you are looking for a photographic piece of art then there are some stunning photographs available as limited editions, such as the work by photographer Chris Etchells that I found on Art


In contrast to this lovely clear scene in Scotland my final choice was by Christina Harris. I love the simplicity of the scenes that she paints of sheep in winter.

So when great art can be so affordable why shop on the high street and end up with the same canvas from Next as many other people? There are lots of online and independent galleries out there to suit every taste and budget.

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