Friday, 3 September 2010

A Jewellery Box Search

Last week I received this request from one of my blog readers.

''Love the blog! Maybe you can help me though ... I've been looking for months now for a handmade/handcrafted jewellery box for my daughter - something that she will keep all her special hair clips, jewels and trinkets in and hopefully treasure for many years. I've trawled Etsy with no joy ... perhaps you might be able to help?! Many thanks''

So a Bratz or Disney jewellery box was not what they were looking for. I was a little concerned that I might just come up with things they had already seen, but always one for a challenge I emailed her and said that I would see what I could find.

My first thought that a wooden box would be a good option as it would age well. I discovered Crafty Boxes who do a range of beautifully made boxes in a range of sizes and prices. My personal favourite - just in case my other half reads this - is the Tsunami box.

Still thinking of wood I then found Katre's Handicraft and Jewellery who make a very simple, but classic handmade juniper wood jewellery box. The juniper wood contains oils that are slowly released giving the box a lovely smell.

After some thought I decided to also look at fabric jewellery boxes. They may not look as long lasting as wood, but if it was a treasured item there is no reason why it can not last. There were not as many fabric jewellery boxes available, and the one I felt most fitted what my reader was looking for was from Eve a shop in Witney, Oxfordshire. The very pretty box has lots of detailing on the top and plenty of space for all those jewels.

I also found this simpler, but nonetheless lovely cupcake box from Saltaire Gifts, which would suit a little girls bedroom, but would not look out of place as she grew up.

Finally I found Petit Home who source their products from suppliers who are artisans, often producing in small quantities, making their products a little different from those that you might find on the high street. Trousselier are a small French company  who make beautiful music jewellery boxes decorated with lovely illustrations. Their 2010 range includes the characters Ninon and Nioui.

After searching I emailed my blog reader with these options, she emailed me back to say

'I love, love, love the Trousselier jewellery box - that is exactly what I was after - especially since my daughter has red hair, she will love the figurine inside. In fact I am ordering right now!'

I was delighted that I had found what she had been searching for and I hope that her daughter enjoys the jewellery box for many years to come.

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