Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tea break

For most of us one of the simple pleasures in life is a good cup of tea or coffee. Whenever I am stuck with something, or work is not going as planned, it is to tea and coffee that I turn. However, I have discovered that it is not just the tea or coffee that matters. We all, I am sure have our favourite mugs - well I know that I do. What better gift to give someone than a mug or cup that will be their favourite when making that reassuring cuppa. So here is my selection of a few of the best out there.

For those who like a colourful cuppa then this mug from 1000degrees Art Studio is ideal. I love the bunting around the edge that conjures up the image of a summer village fete even as we head in to autumn.  As a bonus the mug comes with a matching bowl to cheer up breakfast time on the most miserable day.

If you are looking for a more traditional mug then you are likely to find one at Little Brown Mug . They have assembled a collection of handmade and hand painted mugs by art potters. Each mug comes with a postcard listing the artist, date and details of materials, decoration, glaze and firing. I particularly like the range by Les and Sally Sharpe that include this lovely frog design.


For those who would like to hark back to their childhood there are these beautifully illustrated Moomin mugs. Available in a range of designs from Pussy Home Boutique, they have to be one of my favourites as I love the Moomin books. I particularly like this one of the Snork Maiden.


However, if you think that the person you are buying for might prefer a designer touch to their mug then this ISAK mug from Cloudberry would be ideal. Not only does it look great but it has an oak lid to keep warm drinks warm The lid also acts as a coaster if required to protect your tabletops. 

From Bob by Post there is this lovely snowflake mug that is ideally suited for those who like a good mug of hot chocolate to wrap their hands
around in the winter. I can already envisage sitting
in front of our real fire with a steaming mug of chocolate.
I was going to end there, but Mr Present Cupboard was disappointed I hadn't mentioned his favourite mug, which he received last christmas from his daughters. So here it is an Egg Yolk Yellow Pantone mug. It has to be said I also love Pantone and if you know someone who has a particular favourite colour then there is a huge range to choose from at Illustrated Living.

Have a happy tea break.

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