Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Tooth Fairy Visits

On Monday, while I was out my daughter's first tooth fell out. I came back to shouts of 'Mummy come and look, I have a surprise for you.' Fortunately it had waited until after the school photographs. As she has an older sister we were ready for this event, and have a tooth fairy cushion and container so that teeth can await collection. However, many first time parents may be unprepared for this event, and there is nothing worse than putting the tooth under the pillow and then not being able to find it, only for it to turn up a week later to screams of 'The Tooth Fairy left my tooth!' It also helps with the trauma of those first teeth coming out if there is somewhere special to put them.

This lovely Tooth Fairy box is from Cocoboat. It is handcrafted so each one is a little bit different and you can choose the hair colour and a name up to nine letters long.

These fantastic Toothy Monsters are made by Marie at Heartfelt Handmade and are available from Folksy and Craft Market Corner. Each one is made to order and features a tag with the child's name on. You can select the colours that you would like and so each one is unique. 

The Ultimate Tooth Fairy makes a gorgeous range of Tooth Fairy pillows for both boys and girls. I particularly like this one. Each one is personalised by choosing a name and hair colour. The pillow also comes with a calling card that can be left inside with the money.

However, you may be looking for a Tooth Fairy box that will be a keepsake as a christening or naming ceremony gift. This beautiful solid silver Tooth Fairy trinket box from UK Children's Jewellery is ideal, featuring a little pink enamelled Tooth Fairy.

These wooden tooth boxes by John Crane are available from Natural Nursery and they are perfect for putting under a pillow, as they can be easily found. They have secure lids to ensure no lost teeth and are just the right size for a pound coin - or two if you have a generous tooth fairy.

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